How to receive orientation of Gimbal

I have an IF750 drone and Pixy U Gremsy Gimbal. While flying, I need to receive the roll, pitch and yaw of the gimbal. I need to know what is the way to access that information in real time. Anyone can help? I know Gimbal has AUX ports that me be useful but I am still not sure what would be the way to do that using code. Any reference python example?

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Gremsy writes on their page "Gimbal (or mount) send a HEARTBEAT (e.g. every second) just like any other MAVLINK component. Additionally, it can send feedback about the angles it’s pointing using the message MOUNT_ORIENTATION.

Is Mount Orientation still available in PX4? Any update on this would be nice. Is there a way you use mavlink to get this information and log it?