Gazebo SITL with wind_plugin for Tiltrotor

Hello everybody,

I am experimenting with the tiltrotor gazebo simulation using the libgazebo_wind_plugin. My PX4 Version is v1.11-beta.

I encountered some weird behavior when pushing the mean wind force (in the tiltrotor.sdf) to some higher values (here 2.7). When reaching the required altitude the tiltrotor wants to adjust the heading but is unable too, possibly because of the wind. The mission gets cancelled afterwards.

Does anyone know what adjustments need to be done in order to get a working SITL simulaton including wind?

Thanks for all your help in advance :slight_smile:

@notoriou5 Currently wind is modeled as a force, and it doesn’t have any influence on airspeed.

To use a proper wind model you need this PR

Thanks a lot, I will have a look into it :slight_smile:

@Jaeyoung-Lim I tested your plugin today but I ran into some issues when using it together with PX4 v1.11.0-beta1. I checked out to your pr-add-wind-to-lift branch and became following issues:

make px4_sitl gazebo_plane

make px4_sitl gazebo

Do you know what could be wrong? Do I use a incompatible version of PX4?