FMU not powerd by USB but all Fuses work

Hello guys,

I am trying to establish a connection from my laptop to the FMU. But it seems that the FMU is not getting power by the USB connection. However when i connect the battery it has power (the RX receiver blinks) but the LEDs on the FMU are dead as well.
I checked all three Fuses and they all seemed to be working, maybe I checked them wrong ? (I used a multimeter on Ohm and put it on both sides of the fuseblock)
THe only thing I did so far with the FMU was to flash the bootloader using the debugger. Since then nothing works anymore. I also tried to erase the FMU using Jlink /Swd erase command but without a connection it did not work as well.
Any suggestions what I can try ?

Thanks in regards

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