Flight Termination System for CAA qualification


I am part of a team developing a high-speed drone within the UK. Due to the speeds involved, we cannot perform high-speed flights in the open category because our operation is considered high risk by the CAA. Hence, we must fly in the specific-category which means applying for operational authorisation (OA) from the CAA.

To achieve this, we must convince the CAA that the operation is safe. This means that we must implement adequate methods to mitigate circumstances that arise from an aircraft failure. To do this, we are flying in a segregated airspace with multiple safety mechanisms. One of these is a Flight Termination System (FTS) that will prevent us from leaving the segregated airspace.

The current design includes a separate FTS from the Pixhawk 4, however, I am aware that Pixhawk supports a configurable FTS itself. As such, I was wondering if there are any available testing/certification that we can show the CAA to convince them the system works. This would be preferable as the alternative solution would be to continue developing our own separate FTS which will add complexity and development time.

Any advice in this area with ensuring we get CAA approval would be great. We need to have confidence that our application will succeed.

Thanks in advance!