Flight modes like stabilized still do their job even when I stop all attitude controllers. Why?

I am currently trying to fully understand the flight control stack. Therefor I was trying to figure out which modules are interfering with my actuator outputs. From what I understood so far, the attitude controller modules are publishing to actuator_controls_0 topic and the output driver (pwm_out or px4io respectively) mixes those flight control signals and writes the corresponding actuator outputs to the output pins. However, according to this logic I would’ve expected, that there won’t be any ouput written to my output pins as soon as there is no attitude controller running. Now I stoped all attitude controllers from the shell using XX_att_control stop. After that there is absolutely no change in behaviour. When I set stabilized mode and I move my pixhawk, the servos will still be trying to stabilize the vehicle’s attitude. So what module does create the actuator outputs when there is no attitude controller running?