Flight Mode Documentation Update request


I would like to request an update/clarification to Flight Mode Documentation on https://dev.px4.io/en/concept/flight_modes.html
I think it would help new users that might be a bit baffled by all the modes and the mismatch between Docs and actual operation with QGC

I’m mainly referring to the MANUAL mode description
Documentation states: Multirotors have ACRO, RATTITUDE, ANGLE in MANUAL mode
However with QGC I can select: ACRO, RATTITUDE, MANUAL, STABILIZED but no ANGLE

Adding a description of what MANUAL and STABILIZED are supposed to do in Multicopter Mode would be very helpful.

Or maybe it’s just a question of modifying this header in the docs
Fixed wing aircraft/ rovers / boats:
Multicopters/Fixed wing aircraft/ rovers / boats:

and this header
Only Multirotors
and removing the entry ANGLE


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I went through the same problem. I found this link that has a better explanation: