Fixed Wing problems on v1.5.3

Hi, a made some flights with v1.5.3 and I am running in same issues over and over. First is EKF2 issues which might be related to calibrations or the fact that my power cables are close to the magnetometer, but I didn’t have this issues before.

First issue is unstable altitude and airspeed. I managed to get it stable at some point but then I reset the parameters and I can’t do it anymore. Can someone please help which parameters I should tweak to get the altitude and airspeed stable?

Second issue is EKF2. As you can see from the log, the first half of the flight (loitering) was fine, but as soon as I switched to the next waypoint estimator went a little crazy. I calibrated the plane before the flight, although there was a about 20 C temperature difference. If that was a problem, why was the first part of the flight OK? What could have happened there to the estimator for it to suddenly lose control?

I had this issue on v1.5.3 before and recalibrating seemed to fix it. But ended up calibrating before each flight which is preposterous. I started getting this issues since v1.5.2.


Thanks for sharing the log! That’s always very helpful. We will look into this. Glancing over it the mag data looked funky, but that’s more a guess than a solid analysis.

I have created an issue for it here: