Fixed-wing Attitude Control Block Diagram

I know fixed-wing users may be the minority - but I thought it may be nice to have a more standardized control block diagram for the FW control architecture, just so that everyone knows what’s going on under the hood.

I’ve made a preliminary diagram (what I’ve read from the code and translated, generally, to a block diagram) here:

Note this is only for the low-level attitude controller.

That’s a view only link, for now (if you can’t see the symbols/equations let me know) - but if anyone is interested, I would be happy to make it editable for anyone to fix anything I got wrong, or add more detailed features I left out. If there is a better way than for sharing and continual updates (e.g. if the control structure changes over time) - I’m open ears.

As more of a “controls guy” - I like to see flight controllers in simple blocks - so please let me know if this helps anyone! I would be happy also to update (style wise, colors, etc, or otherwise) for the dev page if it is deemed useful.


Thank you for sharing, but I only see the frame in the diagram; I can’t find any equations. Can you help me with what I should do?