Error starting Local planner in avoidance

Hello @baumanta, @Jaeyoung-Lim , @PavelKirienko . this is regarding local planner obstacle avoidance. As per the documentation at GitHub - PX4/PX4-Avoidance: PX4 avoidance ROS node for obstacle detection and avoidance. , I set up and ran local planner “roslaunch local_planner local_planner_stereo.launch”. I got the following error

that most probably originated from stereo/left and stereo/right camera topics not being published as shown below

Also, tried to check out using rostopic info that shows:

rqt_graph is :

Can someone tell me which node is expected to publish stereo/left and stereo/right camera topics which is not getting published. Or if the error is due to something else, point out pls. Also, add people who are working on this. Thanks