Error running custom models in simulation

I’m running px4/gazebo/ros inside of a docker container, and pointing my host’s gzclient at this running instance. This works fine as far as I can tell, and I can spawn worlds w/ models (in my case the iris drone) inside.

Now I want to create a new model based off the iris model in order to add a camera (r200 realsense) to it. However, when I duplicate the model directory, and rename the directory/files to iris_realsense and run this, I get the following error:

INFO [Unknown] Calling startup script: /bin/sh etc/init.d-posix/rcS 0 Error: Unknown model 'iris_realsense' etc/init.d-posix/rcS: 48: exit: Illegal number: -1 ERROR [Unknown] Startup script returned with return value: 512

Oddly, the world spawns anyways and I can see the r200 joints in the sidebar, but there is no published topics in ROS


Hello, have you solved the problem? I have encountered the same problem.

I have solved it from this issue.