Equivalent mode in Px4 to Auto mode in Ardupilot


Is there any one here who can advice the equivalent flight mode for a fixed wing using px4 for an Auto mode in Ardupilot

thank you in advance

That would be mission mode.

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So the only way for the flight controller to take over the drone is in mission mode !
Which means i need to plan a mission everytime in order to test the fixed wing drone flight characteristics !!
Does this mean Ardupilot is much better when compared to Px4 for testing the robustness of every flight .

Please read this for modes:

PX4 Modes

Jim is spot on for mission relating to auto.

PX4 can takeover and outputs control in many other ways without being in just mission mode (attitude stabilization, etc). A mission is not required to test functionality unless you want a fully autonomous flight which would be the same in any flight stack (px4, ardupilot, etc).

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