Enable os-style comboboxes while building from source?

Dear all,

how can I enable system comboboxes (non-QGC, like in Android build) while building QGC?

I am trying to run QGC stable v3.2.4 on RPi3 (Qt5.7.1 via cross-compile on Ubuntu). So far everything works great except for one thing - QGC comboboxes crash Qt with the following message: “EGLFS: OpenGL windows cannot be mixed with others.”

Reverting comboboxes to os-generated seems like a way to solve it.


According to the dev guide, QGC components provide the same functionality as the corresponding Qt controls except for the fact that they are drawn using the QGC palette.


I would start by checking QGCComboBox.h

Good luck

Except for ComboBox which needed a complete re-write to get it to work even barely correctly on android.

Got some progress on that.

ComboBox from Quick 2 works correctly on RPi. I’ll try to port QGCComboBox to Quick 2 widgets.