EKF2 Vision fusion - Multiple entries in mavlink inspector for vision data?

Dear all
We are tying to get EKF2 working with vision, we are providing the necessary vision data thru mavros topics and have validated that the vision data is OK as it works with LPE.

However we are not getting any /mavros/local_position/pose data when using EKF2 but we can see in mavlink inspector that the vision data is received by the system, but surprisingly we find 3 sets of vision data, with different prefixes.
However only the variables prefixed by C240 actually shows the vision data, none of the others.

We are using the latest master ( as of Friday )

Any thoughts of what is going on here?

Hi @ealdaz, what is your flight controller? Pixhawk or something else?

@Duy_Vu I used the Intel ready to fly drone with PX4 firmware and had the same problem. I had C240 and C1 display in the right way. But there’s no data in M1 or the local position message. Do you know the reason?

Thanks a lot.

My problem is solved. See

We got it working too by using 1.7.3 stable , we were using 1.7.3dev which doesn’t work for some reason.