Can not get vision position by EKF2


I am working on a Intel ready to fly drone equipped with ZED stereo camera and NVIDIA tx2. I tried to use ZED to estimate the position and send it to pixhawk EKF2 to fuse via Mavros (time stamp is fine.).

I changed the parameter EKF2_AID_MASK to 24 to enable vision fusion. And I think I managed to send the camera estimated position since I could get M1:C240(C1 also):VISION_POSITION_ESTIMATE message in Qgroundcontrol analysis widget. The problem is I can’t get M1:VISION_POSITION_ESTIMATE or M1:LOCAL_POSITION_NED message (remains zero). What is the meaning of C1 and C240 there? What should I do to have the right local position?

Thanks for any help.

Which Firmware version do you use? Try v1.7.3.

Thank you very much. It is the version problem. It seems that the original firmware contains EKF2 but doesn’t support vision fusion. @zachblue