EKF2 Errors Mid-Mission

In about 1 of 5 flights the EKF solution errors and can’t recover. Below are some example logs. What are some suggestions as to why this is happening? Vibration? Data dropouts? Too much logging?


Here is another example.


I suspect something bad is happening with your GPS/magnetometer. Maybe bad wiring or maybe a bad GPS/Mag card? when I see drop-outs in the “GPS Noise & Jamming” data usually it is because the autopilot has stopped getting data from the GPS module.

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Thanks. I was also thinking bad communications. Do you suspect a bad physical connection or noise? It is kinda weird that only MAG_X dropped out but Y and Z did not. Also the GPS seems to go in and out which could be an intermittent connection. I have 3.3V level signaling across a 20 inch wire. Does that seem OK for noise immunity purposes?

yeah, that X mag is really weird. I’ve never seen anything like that before. certainly seems you have some sort of electrical/wiring issue though.

What do you think happened in this log? It looks like the IMU after a certain point becomes unstable.


Yeah that log is strange. Something strange happened halfway through the flight, but I’m not sure what. Can you describe your hardware setup?