EKF working differences - Armed Vs Disarmed

Hey guys,

I would like to know if there is a difference between how EKF works when it is disarmed Vs when it armed. I was wondering if there were any re-initializations that take place when disarmed that does not occur after arming?

My use case: Use an isolated “disarmed” pixhawk with a GPS inside an airframe to get information about the flight such as attitude angles, speed, position ,etc. This data is then sent to an attached companion computer via CAN. [I cannot arm because I am not using pixhawk in a traditional way to control the airframe].

I couldn’t find any topics on this topic and hence enquiring on the forum. Any help would be appreciated.


Without validating this by reading the source, my assumption is that the ekf doesn’t care whether something is armed or not, however, it does incorporate the landed vs. in-air state, and that potentially matters and changes the results!

I would consider to arm it anyway if possible, and setting it to in-air, e.g. by setting throttle high.

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