Eigen3 cmake module not found


I am following the ROS 2 User Guide but the command to install eigen doesn’t seem to be working. I’m using a Jetson Nano on Ubuntu 18.04
I execute

sudo apt install ros-foxy-eigen3-cmake-module

but it returns

E: unable to locate package ros-foxy-eigen3-cmake-module

I have used packages.ubuntu.com to search for the package, but it doesn’t seem to come up with anything

Maybe you can try this GitHub - ethz-asl/eigen_catkin_tools: This repository should collect tools related eigen_catkin (debugging, info, ...).

Seems ros foxy eigen3 cmake module isn’t available on 18.04. When I tried it on 20.04 it was able to install it and when I upgraded the Jetson to 20.04 I was also able to install it.

Thanks for your help!

Yes, I tried that on 20.04.

You are welcome.