Duel battery circuit isolation

I have the pixhawk 4 mini mounted in a large wing (X-8). I have built in a power redundancy with two isolated circuits. Circuit 1 is dedicated to the 4s 3500 40c mah ESC for the motor. I will not use the BEC from the ESC. I want as much isolation as possible.

No Grounds are shared.

Circuit 2 is dedicated to all the remaining power requirements (pixhawk, gps, osd, air speed, nav. lights, landing lights, 3 video cameras,video tx, one 12 amp power regulator, rx and servo power rail). I am using two 1.5 mha, 3s lipo batteries linked in parallel by a barrier diode to power this circuit.

How do I get the data regarding circuit 1 to the OSD? Would that be possible through the ADC port or is that port connected to the servo power rail?

Then, is there a provision in Qground Control for this configuration?