Dshot supported on Hexacopter, fmuv5 architecture

Hi, trying to set up Dshot on an hexacopter with Pixhawk 4 mini (fmuv5), and came across that note on the documentation :

“FMUv5-based boards (e.g. Pixhawk 4 or CUAV Pixhawk V5+) support DShot only on the first four FMU pins due to hardware conflicts. The other pins cannot be used as motor/servo outputs.” .

Does that mean there is no way to set up Dshot for more than 4 motors on the pixhawk mini, even if we are using the MAIN (IO) pins? At the moment we only get motors 1 to 4 spinning.

I think the answer is no but let me double check with @bkueng.

Correct, as the docs say - unfortunately.

Thanks for the clarification guys. I was a bit confused by the wording as I wasn’t sure if the problem was present only if we were to use the AUX (FMU) pins.

Is it correct to assume that OneShot does not have this limitation at this time? Thanks.

Yes OneShot does not have the limitation as it does not use DMA.

Thanks for the answer bkueng. That’s all my questions then, happy to have the topic closed.

What is the alternative?