WiFi Bridge Summary Panel no-show with ESP32 vs ESP8266?

Thanks in advance to anyone for your assistance here. I have a rover project that requires the use of an ESP for a DroneBridge application. A few weeks ago I was able to get everything going pretty quickly (thanks for the great documentation!) when using the ESP8266. Most importantly for relevance sake - the WiFi Bridge Summary Panel shows up which makes my developers feel good about the connectivity state through QGC.
We recently have shifted to an ESP32 due to some added capabilities that we wanted to use for testing, but while this was also very easy to get going (again, thank you for the great documentation!), the Summary Panel now lacks the WiFi Bridge section. I haven’t been able to find any other topics on the matter, so I’m just not sure if this is a feature that has not been requested / implemented before, or if it is something I have not configured properly whether by nomenclature or something else. Just to add clarity, functionality is there and I am not having any issues controlling the rover… it’s just that this UI element is missing which makes me wonder if there is a potential failure mode that could surface.