Drone consistently fly up

I’m flying a Pixhawk2.4.8 on a F450. My drone have the tendency to fly upwards even when my RC stick is a hover position. What should I do?

Hi @britson,

It could be a lot of different things. Could you share a log file? (logs.px4.io)

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Thanks @bresch for responding, I have been stuck at this issue for really long. Below are two logs.



Basically what i’m doing here is autonomous. Rising to 1m first, then rise to 1.5m. But when the drone begun to rise to 1.5m - it will rise all the way to the ceiling.

Those log files did not seem to have any details.

What kind of details?

Look at this one on yours i just get the header:

vs mine

@britson look at the altitude setpoint, shouldn’t you have a static value?

This is most likely due to what you send from your companion computer and not PX4 itself