Drone Behavior When "Continuing" Mission

Hello everyone,

Context: I am very very new to using drones, however for my job I am flying a drone equipped with thermal imaging for wildlife surveys. I like to use the ‘survey’ polygon feature, where I can create and modify a survey area. I have the survey parameters set to fly the drone at around 3mph at 50ft above ground level. Last night when flying, I used the ‘pause’ feature to stop the drone when I saw something of interest. I took manual control, lowered the drone, took pictures, etc. When I was done, I used the ‘continue mission’ option so that the drone could resume it’s flight path. However, it started flying between 11mph-13mph and zipping through transect lines. My team and I watched it briefly to see if it would slow down, but it continued onto the next transect just as fast. I paused it again, tried again to hit ‘continue mission’ but it continued the behavior. I ended up just manually flying the rest of the survey.

My questions: Is this normal behavior when pausing and continuing missions? Why did it fly transects at such a high speed (10-13mph) after ‘continuing’, when I set the survey speed to only 3mph?

Again, I am very new to this technology and am hoping to learn as best as I can to improve. I did read through this: (Fly · QGroundControl User Guide) but I didn’t find anything mentioning this behavior during missions. I assume it must be a setting on my end that I do not understand fully.