Doubt about Fixedwing PID Tuning Guide?

I have read the guide, I am not clear about the steps.

" Gains to tune

  • FW_RR_FF - start with a value of 0.4. Increase (doubling each time) this value until the plane rolls satisfactory and reaches the setpoint. Back down the gain 20% at the end of the process."

How can I check if the FW_RR_FF is satisfactory? Fly in manual mode, or stablize mode or something else?
Is PID gains go into effect in manual mode?


The control parameters are only used in a controlled mode so you will not see them in the manual mode which is nice because if you see something going wrong you can switch to the manual mode and safe the plane. We usually fly the plane in the stabilized mode for tuning because there you can tune the full attitude controller.