Disable Position-Control Failsafe when GPS Denied

I am trying to simulate the effects of GPS-denial using the iris drone model in gazebo.

I can start a flight from QGC and enter gpssim stop after takeoff in my PX4 terminal. After a few seconds I get the following output in my PX4 shell:

WARN [mc_pos_control] Position-Control Setpoint-Update failed
WARN [mc_pos_control] Failsafe: Descend with land-speed.
WARN [commander] Failsafe enabled: no global position
WARN [ecl/EKF] 37512000: EKF GPS data stopped
WARN [ecl/EKF] 37512000: EKF stopping navigation
INFO [commander] Landing detected
ERROR [navigator] mission update failed
ERROR [navigator] mission check failed

Which I get is expected behaviour as we can no longer navigate safely without GPS. But I want to see how well the model can navigate without this GPS input. This is to try to model how improvements in IMU errors/bias affect our ability to work without GPS.

I have tried setting CBRK_VELPOSERR = 201607 and CBRK_GPSFAIL = 240024 which I would expect to allow me to stop this behaviour but I still get it.

Is there any way from a user-side that I can modify this behaviour to allow simulated flight without GPS?