Direct motor control in custom flight task

I have successfully created a custom flight task, but now I want to change the motor speed while bypassing the mixer and allocation control. The mc I’m using can fly normally, but when the custom mode is activated I want to activate each motor of the quadcopter according to the stick value or roll and pitch. For example if the stick is pushed right, then only motor 2 activates. I’m trying to do so using uORB topic actuator_motors but I had no luck so far. Even though I publish the values I want (0.0-1.0) I get a failsafe warning and a warning for invalid setpoints form mc_pos_control. Am I doing something wrong or do I need to disable some failsafes to see my results? I’m testing it on javsim btw, so I dont care about safety yet.

A flight task is not really made to control the individual actuator outputs. I think you want to change the actual mixer for that. I would have a closer look into the mixer architecture, e.g. here is a starting point:

Thanks for the reply!
Will I be able to change the mixer only for my custom flight task? Because I need the drone to be able to fly normally as well.
Btw, I managed to control the actuators by publishing to the actuator_motors topic. However the fail safes take over because there are no valid setpoints, and as a result the flight task reactivates over and over again, whenever I use the controls. It moves for a second and then stops, but if I move the joistick again it reactivates and continues this loop. I thought of setting “dummy” setpoints to bypass this. Is there a better way you can think of?

Yer, what you’re trying to do is tricky. It’s probably a either “replace everything” or make sure the various levels are having the appropriate dummy things in place to make sure nothing is freaking out.

It’s a bit tricky to help you with that sort of thing without doing all the work myself I’m afraid.