Different angle of servo deflections in different flight modes

So I went to the fields today for the first-ever flight of a custom-built FW vehicle, running on Pixhawk 4.
During the preflight checks, I found out that the elevator (I didn’t check the other control surfaces) servo deflections for the maximum RC stick inputs were different for different flight modes. So basically, the elevator servo was getting more deflected (for the same RC stick input) when the vehicle was on Manual flight mode than that in Stabilized flight mode. I have no idea why should or would happen. Is this a transmitter setup issue? Or, does this depend on any of the parameters?

Max roll and pitch angle can be different in different modes (there are parameters to control this if you want to set it up that way) and you can see different travel in stabilized vs full manual since manual disregards current attitude but also just gives you full X.

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