Delta VTOL outputs

Hi there, would anyone know the px4 outputs for a Delta quad setup? I’m assuming the quad esc’s are on main out 1-4 and elevons/forward esc are on aux 1-3 but I can’t seem to get any servo response. Just to test, I connected a servo to main-1 in multi rotor mode, I got some response from the throttle channel to be expected but then it ended up getting very hot and frying the servo…strange. Also is there a way to monitor if the px4 is in multirotor or forward flight mode to make sure my aux-1 switch is setup correctly? Thanks!

Your assumption is correct assuming you selected the correct airframe.

Unarmed the output is 900 so that might stress your servo.

Aux1 is no longer used as transition switch, you need to map the spwcific transition switch in the params or in radio calibration in qgc

Thanks for the reply! Are you saying the pwm on the main output is operating at 900hz? Wouldn’t that kill anything including an esc? Sorry, to clarify I meant I’m using channel 6 on my radio for the transition switch which I selected from the drop down in QGroundControl. Is there a way to verify this is toggling between flight modes? Thanks again.

No, i’m saying it outputs a PWM value of 900. Also it runs at 400hz so i would not recommend attaching a servo