Deaf Pixhawk user

Is there a light that can replace the buzzer on a pixhawk set up? I can’t hear the buzzer/beeper. Not being able to hear the buzzer (or whatever it sounds like) is making it diffiuclt for me to get my quadcopter armed.

There are often RGB LEDs used. Some of the external GPS come with them included.

Other possibility is to have feedback from QGC.

What Pixhawk hardware are you using?

I’m using Pixhawk 4.2.8

The GPS of the Pixhawk 4 comes with LEDs, do you see these?

I see those lights. Do I even need the buzzer at all? If not I can take it off completely.

You don’t necessarily, no. It’s just additional feedback.

I would still like to be able to hear or use the buzzer anyway. I am currently looking for an alternative buzzer that will deliver a lower pitched or louder sound. I’m not in a huge hurry to get my drone in the air so I can experiment some with different buzzers or possibly a led light of some kind. Thanks for your help.