Dataman start failed


I am trying to use the on-board NAND flash, on my custom board, to allow for data storage and all the other operations which require SD storage. I have a custom driver for the NAND flash that I am using and have successfully created stored parameters file onto the flash using MTD module.
Now I want to allow the dataman to access one of the MTD partition, MTD_MAINSTORAGE for storing other data. So far I haven’t been successful.

I have attached the latest boot-log if that helps, in identifying the issue.

Hope someone can help.

Thanks in advance


sercon: Regist[boot] Fault Log info File No 4 Length 3177 flags:0x01 state:1
eri[boot] Fault Log is Armed
ng CDC/ACM serial driver
sercon: Successfully registered the CDC/ACM serial driver
INFO [PX4_MTD] Starting MTD, MT25QL driver
WARN [PX4_MTD] failed to set bus speed
INFO [PX4_MTD] Starting MTD, MT25QL driver
ERROR [PX4_MTD] failed to initialize mtd driver
ERROR [PX4_MTD] mtd failure: -5 bus 2 address 1 class 4
nsh: sysinit: fopen failed: No such file or directory
HW arch: APN_PHI_V1
PX4 git-hash: 48d9cbb2d802ec42f5b1b13d792480df8fda47f4
PX4 version: 1.14.0 0 (17694720)
PX4 git-branch: danfe-v1
OS: NuttX
OS version: Release 11.0.0 (184549631)
OS git-hash: 3f77354c0dc88793a47ff3b57595195ab45f7ba9
Build datetime: Nov 23 2023 13:59:01
Build uri: localhost
Build variant: default
Toolchain: GNU GCC, 9.2.1 20191025 (release) [ARM/arm-9-branch revision 277599]
PX4GUID: 000100000000323136383332511300320048
MCU: STM32F42x, rev. 5
INFO [param] selected parameter default file /fs/mtd_params
INFO [param] importing from ‘/fs/mtd_params’
Board architecture defaults: /etc/init.d/rc.board_arch_defaults
Board defaults: /etc/init.d/rc.board_defaults
nsh: tone_alarm: command not found
INFO [dataman] Start of Dataman module
INFO [dataman] backend file operation pointers found
INFO [dataman] Dataman Subscribes (3)
INFO [dataman] starting file initialize
INFO [dataman] dm_operations_data.file.fd value: (-1)
WARN [dataman] Could not open data manager file /fs/mainstorage/dataman
ERROR [dataman] dataman start faERROR [dataman] going to end witiled
hout accessing dataman file
nsh: rgbled: command not found
nsh: rgbled_ncp5623c: command not found
nsh: rgbled_lp5562: command not found
nsh: rgbled_is31fl3195: command not found
nsh: rc_update: command not found
nsh: manual_control: command not found
Board sensors: /etc/init.d/rc.board_sensors
ERROR [board_adc] PX4_MAX_ADC_CHANNELS is too small (12, 13)
ERROR [param] Parameter FD_EXT_ATS_EN not found
nsh: icm20948_i2c_passthrough: command not found
nsh: hmc5883: command not found
nsh: ist8308: command not found
nsh: ist8310: command not found
nsh: lis2mdl: command not found
nsh: lis3mdl: command not found
nsh: lis3mdl: command not found
nsh: qmc5883l: command not found
nsh: rm3100: command not found
nsh: ak09916: command not found
nsh: battery_status: command not found
nsh: commander: command not found
nsh: dshot: command not found
No autostart ID found
ekf2 [363:100]
nsh: ekf2: command not found
Starting MAVLink on /dev/ttyS0
nsh: rc_input: command not found
nsh: navigator: command not found
Board extras: /etc/init.d/rc.board_extras
INFO [logger] logger started (mode=all)
INFO [logger] log root dir created: /fs/mainstorage/log

NuttShell (NSH) NuttX-11.0.0
nsh> e[KERROR [dataman_client] timeout after 1000 ms!
ERROR [dataman_client] Failed to get client ID!
ERROR [dataman_client] timeout after 1000 ms!
ERROR [dataman_client] Failed to get client ID!
INFO [mavlink] mode: Config, data rate: 100000 B/s on /dev/ttyACM0 @ 2000000B
ERROR [dataman_client] timeout after 1000 ms!
WARN [mavlink] offboard mission init failed
ERROR [dataman_client] timeout after 1000 ms!
ERROR [dataman_client] timeout after 1000 ms!
INFO [mavlink] mode: Normal, data rate: 1200 B/s on /dev/ttyS0 @ 57600B