Curve mixer type

Recently while making a mixer for a new airframe I realized that having a curve type mixer might have made the task doable from the mixer files. PX4 has the simple mixer, but that is linear. I wanted the ability to program a pitch/throttle curve style mixer but none exists. I’m thinking that creating a curve mixer with user selectable number of points up to a max of 11 would be a useful addition. Any thoughts? Would it be worth the effort to the community?

I made something like that for helicopters a while ago. At the moment it is hard-coded at 5 points. Have a look here:

This is an example mixer file that uses the helicopter mixer:

Yea I saw that. In fact that is where I got the idea. For my mixer, I ended up doing something similar but for more points. That is when I got the idea that we might need a curve type mixer so we wouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel and might be able to do some of these more complex aircraft using the ASCII file without having to build a custom mixer for a new aircraft.