Crazyflie 2.0 (Big Quad) + PX4FLOW

Hello everyone,

My lab has acquired a number of crazyflies and we want to try using one to fly a FPV 250 size quad. We have it hooked up to escs using the big quad expansion deck.

Naturally, I would like to test this setup with the PX4FLOW. Is it enough to just add the PX4FLOW driver to the build target? I presume that as long as the I2C driver interface is running that the PX4FLOW should work like it does on a Pixhawk.

Are there any necessary steps to get the flow sensor working with crazyflie? Any missing software components? I will be testing this later this week and will report back with my findings.


The PX4FLOW should work almost out the box. You’ll probably need to add ‘drivers/px4flow’ and any other ones from the px4fmu configs to the list of compiled drivers here:

The bigger issue may be the big quad deck. Right now, the PWM configuration is hard coded for the onboard motors. So, it will need some code modifications to get working. I do have one of the big quad decks so I may be able to take a look at seeing what is necessary for getting that functional later today.

Thanks for the reply!

I got PX4 onto my crazyflie yesterday and am using your cfbridge project to forward the MAVLINK packets to QGC via UDP… unfortunately the radio communication with the GCS is unreliable. Communication is lost frequently, and the QGC is struggling to get the vehicle parameters (infact, it has not succeeded even once). Sometimes QGC even crashes. Very unfortunate.

Is this similar to your experiences?

@dennisss, have you had an opportunity to look into this? I have been working on getting the PWM configuration adjusted for a big quad deck, but I don’t quite have it working. Any insight which you can provide would be greatly appreciated.