Control pusher motor in VTOL during position mode

Pusher motor in deltaquad airframe reference will turn on in position mode to resist in wind. How we can adjust minimum alt for it and controlling throttle?

Hi @mohammad, I’m going to ping @sfuhrer. Hopefully he can help you out here.

Hi @mohammad,
There is currently no minimum altitude for pusher support during hover (though I agree that this would be cool to have). You can switch it off completely by setting VT_FWD_THRUST_SC to 0.

Maybe we’ll use the terrain estimation for switching it on/off. This would of course require some sort of distance sensor.

Hello @sfuhrer
Why this feature is not in Take off and Land mode?

@mohammad it actually is disabled in lading mode, but not in take off. Why it was done this way I don’t know, but I guess it’s because take off is less critical as the aircraft usually gains altitude fast then, so before the pusher could even spin up. And for some airframe designs it is probably dangerous to spin the pusher on the ground.

As you mentioned, a cleaner solution would be to take terrain estimation into account (the problem I see with the current way is mainly that landing in high winds (without pusher support) could be hard.

The reason it was disabled during landing is to prevent instability. If you activate pusher assist it can generate lift, the quadcopter motors will then spin very low and you loose stability.

@sanderux Please clarify what instability you mean. If you mean that it’s hard to descend with a VTOL in high wind and that there pitching into the wind helps: shouldn’t this instability be fixed when airmode is enabled, and thus this hacky way no longer be necessary? I have a feeling that especially in higher winds using the pusher in hover really makes sense, also when descending.