Condition of Position Fix

Dear all.
Hi I am now trying to use vision data without using GPS.
I am using pixhawk 3 with 1.9.2 version.
When I set EKF2_AID_MASK as just use GPS only, I can fly drone with position mode and it works well.
When I set EKF2_AID_MASK with 24 (vision position + vision yaw fusion), and give /mavros/vision_pose/pose data with vision estimator, it refuse position mode and go to altitude mode. But when I give /mavros/vision_pose/pose data with mocap signal, I can fly drone with position mode.
I found that position mode can be enabled when position is fixed.
What is specific condition of “position fix” ?

Thank you

hmm I don’t know about this case, but I have to do this by myself too in some month (so yeah I’m interested in how to solve this…)

But have you checked what kind of data do you publish (in terms of pose output, frequency, time stamps and frame id)?

Currently I work with our mocap data which is listend by a node, transformed and then published as a vision_pose/pose topic -> so it is always centered around my initial drone pose instead of the mocap-world-coordiantes and this works fine…
Up to now I have assumed to change this to a vision estimator instead of my mocap-transform will work the same…