Command line testing utility

Hi everyone. I’ve been requested to check a test procedure that inculdes px4 autopilot and mavlink packet management.
In the test procedure there are lots of references to a python script:

I don’t think it’s part of the mavlink tools but from the command line use: --mav10 --out /dev/ttyACM0,921600 file.tlog

it looks like somehting that reads packets from .tlog files and send them to px4 unit trough ttyACM0 (at the proper speed).

Since this python script have been lost … I need to create a new one from scratch but I prefer to look for something a little less handmade… There’s something like this tool in the Mavlink ecosystem?

Another question is does .tlog files are a standard format to record ground station input feeds to autopilots?

Check pymavlink.

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