CMake tools error - path to compiler

Hey all,

I can compile just fine from the command line (macOS Catalina). However when I want to use VSCode, I get the following error:

The path to the compiler for one or more source files was not found in the CMake cache. If you are using a toolchain file, this probably means that you need to specify the CACHE option when you set your C and/or C++ compiler path

But the build seems to finish ok (exit code 0).

And a bonus warning:

[cmakefileapi-parser] Code model version (2.1) of cmake-file-api is unexpected. Expecting (2.0). IntelliSense configuration may be incorrect.

Any ideas on either of those errors/warnings?

Do you see these warnings also after a make clean?

There is a file where name starts with “codemodel…” in build/.cmake/api/v1/reply folder .
Open that file and scroll down

Look for key name “minor” and change its value to “0”