Changing PID coefficients during flight

Hi, I am using pixhawk cube orange model.

1)I want to change pixhawk’s PID registers via software during flight. Is it possible? How can I do it ?

2)Can I control anything other than motors in Pixhawk with software? (For example, another engine other than those that provide flight). How can I do it?

Thank you.

You can change it in Qgroundcontrol

Please give me example.

  1. Connect to the Pixhawk wirelessly using telemetry device. (Or first try by connecting the Pixhawk directly to the computer)

  2. Turn on Qgroundcontrol and watch it connect to the Pixhawk

  3. 2 ways to change the PID parameters: In tuning or parameter

Thank you kangmin7

However, I want to change automatic PID parameters.

First, the drone will fly empty in my project. Then will take water.

therefore, the coefficients when flying empty will not be the same as the coefficients after taking water.

do you have a solution for this.?

Sadly, I have not done that

You may have to change the source code for that


Thank you kangmin.