Changing Language

Hey, Do anyone know how to change the language on the new version QGC turkish is not my native language?

From what I know QGC tries to get the language from the host system. So if your Windows is configured to Turkish, QGC should be Turkish too.

And are you using the latest version from

I have the same issue on my Mac. Latest download and QGC is in Turkish.

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Same problem here. I downloaded the latest version of QGC and it is not speaking English. Maybe German. I have had several other installs on this computer and they were all English. I can’t find any setting that changes this.

Any other suggestions?


If you have many languages listed under Mac system preferences, it might be the issue. Simple remove everything except your preferred one.

Even I was facing the same issue here with my Linux- QGCS, when I changed Linux settings->Region&Language-> Formats to United states things got fixed.