Can KML files be loaded directly into the flight review app?

I have some KML files that I would like to see played back in the flight review page. The normal way to use it now is to upload the ULG logs which in turn creates a KML file. But I already have some KML files that I want to look at.

Is it possible to upload a KML file directly?

Maybe you can import KML files into the Google Earth, and there will be some tracks generated automatically.

It’s true that a KML file can be opened directly in Google Earth. This produces a static 3D display of the mission. I have already done this. What I want to do now is to see that mission progressing in real time from start to finish, as if you were looking at a mission trace in QGroundControl, except in 3D.

In my research, it appears that some will modify the KML file to include gx:Animate commands to show the trace moving along in real time. But this is a lot of work because you have to do this edit for every segment of the mission, and some of my missions have dozens of segments.

Now if you upload a ULG file from QGC to the on-line mission preview app, you get exactly what I am talking about. However, if I already have a KLM file from another source, that I would like to see moving in 3D space, it cannot be uploaded like you can with a ULG file.

So my question is: can a KML file be displayed in the QGC preview app to show it moving in real time?


Maybe pyulog? I think it has a kml to ulg converter.

Good luck.