Can I upload betaflight to pixhawk4?

Hi, I am using a pixhawk 4 board, and I am planning to configure my esc via bl_heli 32, but pixhawk 4 and Ardupilot both cannot work, so is uploading betaflight to pixhawk 4 a possibility?

@Kazel_Koh If you can’t load Ardupilot then you’re having a hardware problem. Your other post also implies you’re having hardware problems with your holybro board. I’ve never heard good things about the Pixhawk 4 board and I’d suggest exchanging your boards for a different Pixhawl or, depending on your application and willingness to use Ardupilot like you mentioned, you can use a wide variety of betaflight compatible hardware with ArduPilot since you seem to want a cross-platform thing in this post.