C ++ libraries for mavlink qgc communication

I am developing an android application to control a drone with Pixhawk or Ardupilot, I already have the functions but now I need to communicate with the drone through mavlink. For that I discovered the qgc libraries, in c ++ and I would like to reuse them in my project (which I am developing in android studio) but I cannot distinguish which are the specific classes intended only for the connections and communication of the drone with the application. Could someone help me to identify which are the classes or libraries that I should take to my project to be able to communicate with the drone?
Or will it be simpler to create your own qgc compilation limiting functionalities instead of bringing the classes for communication with mavlink to my application?

Kindly check the mavlink_udp.c for an example on how to use Mavlink for communication over UDP. There is a nice guide on how to use Mavlink here.

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