Route Mavlink messages thru dronecode app

Hi guys.
I am trying to route the Mavlink communication from QGroundControl to PX4 thru an app that is based on Dronecode SDK.

QGroundControl <—> Dronecode App <–> PX4

All 3 Apps (PX4, QGroundControl, Dronecode App) are running on the same machine and should be connected via UDP.
Is this possible to achieve with Dronecode? Do i have to write my own plugin?
Or should i use Dronecode only for the communication “Dronecode App <–> PX4” and use another C++ Library to do the communication between “QGroundControl <—> Dronecode App”.


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Hi @aleksg,

So that’s not a feature that is supported by the SDK (yet).
I’d have to think how we could enable this in an easy way, I don’t think a plugin as such would be the right approach, more something like:

dc.add_serial_connection("/dev/ttyUSB0", 57600);

But I need to think about that some more, routing is tricky.

In the meantime I would suggest that you have a look at