Building qgc for windows target from linux

Hello everyone,
I would like to know if we already have a docker image to build QGC for windows target from linux.
If not, in your opinion, would it be easy to do?
Thank you

I’m confused. Is that generally done? Usually docker is used to provide a simple Linux environment but not a Windows environment.

Thanks for replying, I understand what you say.
But technically speaking we can have a mingw-based build environment on linux host that provides cross-compilation for windows target. I used to work on linux but often have to compile qgc for windows. I’m currently doing this using a remote windows machine via rdp and would like to avoid installing a windows virtual machine or dual boot on my laptop. By doing this I can even use the same CI/CD windows build environment locally on my linux laptop. I’m just curious how much effort it takes to compile qgc using mingw on linux host.

My experience with MingW and similar tools was that it was painful and absolutely not worth the effort. But if you succeed, make sure to contribute it back :wink: .