Any advice on having QGroundControl as a docker app?

I see there are Docker container specifiers on GitHub, can these be used to run QGroundControl in a container?

I believe some of the dependencies are missing to do this at the moment. Is there interest in using QGC this way even though it’s already available on most platforms?

It would be nice to just be able to type docker run qgroundcontrol and be done with it. I’m running a DIY-built Debian-ish machine, and don’t want to start messing with my set-up, especially in the Qt area. I’ve gone down the Xen VM route now, which is actually just fine.

Thanks for the feedback, I just wanted to know I wasn’t wasting time sorting this out when there was a simpler option.

Thanks again!

Have you tried the AppImage? For this case it effectively solves the same problem as docker.

chmod +x QGroundControl.AppImage