Build px4 for RPI 3

I’m trying to build px4 and run it on Raspberry Pi 3 B.
I build the px4 firmware with the rpi docker image on my desktop, but the executable didn’t run on the board, reporting the error: version 'GLIBC_2.27' not found that I didn’t manage to solve.
Then I tried to build the source directly on the rpi, but during compilation I got px4_platform_common/atomic.h:169:34: error: parameter ‘expected’ set but not used that should be caused by the wrong version of arm-none-eabi-gcc; in fact is for x86 architecture even if I’m on raspberry.

Resuming: can I run px4 on rpi3? If yes how can I fix the glibc issue?
Thank you.


Please help :frowning: