BLHeli Pass through for px4

Have a miniquad with BLHeli ESCs and a PX4 FC. How to pass through for PX4?

I am afraid under current releases it is not possible.
What is your specific requirements about pass through?

I have an aircraft with a pixhawk mini and cicada 30a BLHeli ESCs. I want to calibrate the ESCs and flash them with latest firmware so I can get the quad in the air. I tried using all the pass throughs with BLHelli suite to connect my FC to the ESCs. Did not work though. “Loaded” infinitely or stopped responding all the time.

How do I approach this problem. I will be using q ground control as a mission planner and intend to have PX4 flashed. Am a n00b with PX4 so all help appreciated.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

QGC can calibrate BLs, but cannot update ESC firmware yet. So you still have to use BLHeliSuite to flash and tuning ESC params.

Or get a programming card from your ESC vendor would be easier before PX4 can support that.

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Good day,
I’ve built a new 250 fpv quad… before flying i need to know if the hobbywing 35a esc with blheli firmware are compatibles with px4 firmware 1.7.3.

Hi, ralandash, it would be very handy to have the BLHeli pass-through support to tune the ESC parameters. Do you guys have any plan to develop this feature?

Than you very much.

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