BL_Heli Suite Passthrough

From old conversation topics I see that PX4 did not support passthrough for the esc programming a late as 2017-2018. Has this changed since then? I know it is available on ArduPilot, but would really like to stick to PX4.

A quick search through the Px4 GitHub repo returns no mention of the terms bl_heli or blheli so I’d assume it’s not included as a function.

Personally, I disconnect my ESCs from the flight controller then plug them into an Arduino Uno to configure them via BL_Heli suite.

This forum post gives a pretty concise overview of the process. You can download a copy of BL_Heli suite from their GitHub page.The Arduino software is included with BL_Heli suite and can be automatically flashed, so it’s fairly straightforward if you follow the instructions.

It would be nice to have full flight controller pass-through though.