Bitcraze Lighthouse

Hello people

I am currently building a custom drone using a Orange Cube plus. I am looking todo some indoor testning and we have Bitcraze Lighthouse setup at the university. I couldnt find any that has implemented this sensor (Lighthouse Deck 4) before, not even the Crazyflie 2.0/2.1 flightboard so I was possibly interested in implemented it myself as a possible sensor. I have some embedded experience and I have looked into the available code for the crazyflie.

I believe following this guide is the best if to implement it for I2C or to implement it for UART.

I expect I would push the lighthouse data to the EKF position

Should/could it be pushed to the EKF2 filter using the External Vision?

Is this reasonable todo or putting my head underwater?

Thank you

What’s the interface to the Lighthouse? What does it give you?

So the best supported interface on the Bitcraze lighthouse seems to be UART actually.

I was thinking that the way to go is to base the sensor module on this sensor

The concept is really similar and both use an UART interface.

So the goal is too implement this code

with calibration and such

Realised that there might be licensing issues since Bitcraze use GPLv3 but I dont know too much about licensing-