Better communication between my computer and my drone / Change Mavros/Mavlink settings

I want to achieve a good communication between my drone and my Linux computer. I have Pixhawk 3 Pro and just now I got Laird Tech RM024 P10 M 30- 2.4GHz module, since my previous radio (3DR Radio from Drotek 433MHz) was apparently too slow. Unfortunately, I am unable to connect correctly my system because I keep getting ¨RTT too high…" and ¨PR: request param #¨. At first I set the radios with 115200 baud but when I ran the command: roslaunch mavros px4.launch it stoped after Mavros Started My ID 1240 Target Id 1.1 and it didn´t run at all.
However, when I set the radio to be with baud 57600 it connects but I keep getting the previous {WARN}-ings
I suppose it has to do with settings in some of the main files but can you please give me some advice on how to connect them and have 0 warnings.
My goal is to fly offboard using motion capture.
How can I use the best of my components and how to set them correctly?
I would appreciate each comment given.

Link to my question on github:

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