Battery Display

Batteries for the drone show remaining voltage and current consumption (mAH)

For tesrting reasons I want the remaining battery life to be shown in mAH and not volts. Is this something that cam be easily changed in the settings?

Thank you

On the map screen there are a few values shown in a white box at the bottom. You can edit these values:

We purchased our drone through a start up who edited the UI a bit.
The closest thing i`ve seen in the settings is to show the current value.

If this is where you would normally adjust these settings I will contact them directly.

Thank you.

Yes, I would ask them for help then.

Screenshot 2024-02-21 204748

Why the value of the current is this low (in Ampere ) ? Although power supply is display that the drone is taking the current of 0.169 A …
Please, need help…