Basics PIDs simulator for PX4


I am currently working (searching for the moment) on a way (simulator) to figure out “basics PIDs” for any (common) multicopter on PX4. I work on big X8 multicopter and I don’t want to go from scratch and crash the drone…

I think, I am not the only one who want to have an idea of the basics PIDs to fly normaly. Somenone are searching for the best PIDs from theoretical calculation but I think it is impossible, you always have to play with the PIDs value to aprroach the perfection… But just for basics it’s seem to be possible.

With the DJI A3, no PIDs… You just have to choose the right frame size, the rates and it calculate the best PIDs depend of the condition, very impressive. I think, in the futur, PX4 will offer the same is just a mater of time! I red about MPC regulation with it we will forget the PIDs (…)

I did some research but i don’t find something interesting for the moment:

 - FlightPlot : You have to flight one time before check the values.

- PX4 dev kit for simulink : I do not find any information about simulation.

What I am looking for is simple. You enter the mecanical parameters of the drone (frame size, motor configuration, prop size, etc…) and the simulator give basics PIDs to have a secure fly. Does it exist ?

If I don’t succed to find it, does it mean that, with PX4 there is an other way than simulation to have basics PIDs ?

If someone have some info ? I continue my research :wink: !


Hi Charles, I don’t have much to contribute for your research, but one suggestion is to use first use Gazebo for any development/testing

I am facing the same problems trying to tune the PID values. When you mention the FlightPlot option, have you manage to make that work as in the demo : ? I have tried this with newer version of FlightPlot (v.0.3.1) but I only get a straight line at 0.

Any help with this would be very appreciated.


That’s out of date, but might still work if you change to use the new logger fieldnames.
For example LPOZ.Z -> vehicle_local_position.z

Thank you! I will give it a try.

Thank you very much dagar, I am going to give it a try.

Sorry Bianca, I did not test yet FlightPlot. I am very pleased to see someone else who want to have an idea of basics PIDs ! If I find a way to do that I will inform you.

Some updates:The FllightPlot does work with the new parameters of the logger. However, I do not know what model is actually using to compute the system’s response to an input. The things you can tune are limited and when I tried to use the values of the PID given by the simulator the behaviour of the drone was even worse than before. So still an open question…

Thank you for this informations Bianca.

I am always on it too…